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Simultaneous Release/Boron/SR3/Release Notes

This page details changes and bug fixes between the Boron Stability Release 2 (Boron-SR2) and the Boron Stability Release 3 (Boron-SR3) of OpenDaylight.

Projects with no noteworthy changes

The following projects had no noteworthy changes in the Boron-SR3 Release:

  • Atrium Router
  • Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)
  • DLUX
  • Device Identification and Driver Management (DIDM)
  • Group Based Policy (GBP)
  • Infrastructure Utilities
  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
  • NeXt UI Toolkit
  • Network Intent Composition (NIC)
  • OpenFlow Protocol Library
  • Packet Cable/PCMM
  • SNMP Plugin
  • Secure Network Bootstrapping Infrastructure (SNBI)
  • Table Type Patterns (TTP)
  • Time Series Data Repository (TSDR)
  • Topology Processing Framework


Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

  • 82b267 BUG-7774: Cherry pick aaa-cert refactoring from master branch
  • c6ba3c move aaa-encrypiotn service to blueprint
  • 1414a8 Remove RBAC rule implementation





  • 8c9dfe BUG-5222: remove xsql from archetype
  • faf24d BUG-7814: Fix InvalidActorNameException
  • cbdd5d Fix timing issue in testChangeToVotingWithNoLeader
  • adcd0c BUG-6856: Rpc definition should implicitly define input/output
  • bc9977 BUG-7746: Fix intermittent EOS test failure and synchronization
  • be7c84 Fix intermittent failure in testCloseCandidateRegistrationInQuickSuccession
  • c71eca Usage of Collections.unmodifiableCollection is unsafe
  • 8dfdfb Add OnDemandShardState to report additional Shard state
  • 65f9c2 Add DOMDataTreeCommitCohort example for the cars model
  • 5b78f9 Add more info logging in sal-akka-raft
  • 944822 CDS: updateMinReplicaCount on RemoveServer
  • 25f26d BUG-7608: activate action-service element
  • c6b367 BUG-7573: add BucketStore source monitoring
  • 1b1643 BUG-3128: cache ActorSelections
  • cf005e BUG-3128: rework sal-remoterpc-connector
  • 9d1222 BUG-7608: Clarify DOMRpc routing/invocation/listener interactions
  • e247eb BUG-7697: add defences against nulls
  • 03f387 BUG-6937: Add ReachableMember case to Gossiper
  • 600bba BUG-3128: do not open-code routed RPC identification
  • 285d96 Remove DOMRpcIdentifier.GLOBAL_CONTEXT
  • eb7470 BUG-7594: Expand NormalizedNodeData{Input,Output} to handle SchemaPath
  • fc008d BUG-6937: correct format string
  • fa66b0 Cleanup RemoteDOMRpcFuture
  • d78711 BUG-7608: Add ActionServiceMetadata and ActionProviderBean
  • 0361c9 BUG-7506: use common DocumentBuilderFactory
  • 90fc6d BUG-7608: OpendaylightNamespaceHandler methods can be static
  • f2a7e4 BUG-7608: restructure exception throws
  • 01941a BUG-7326: Fix ConcurrentModificationException in Blueprint
  • 4f323d Fix FindBugs warnings in blueprint and enable enforcement
  • 08a954 Checkstyle compliant src/main|test/resources
  • 98b630 Fix CS warnings in blueprint and enable enforcement
  • 416a6b BUG-3128: Update RPC router concepts
  • c3f368 Update dependendency desc properly in RpcServiceMetadata
  • 1f0eea BUG-5222: offload XSQLBluePrint creation to first access
  • 707da8 BUG-7469: Advertise CDS DOMDataTreeCommitCohortRegistry
  • d3293c BUG-7391: Fix out-of-order LeaderStateChange events

Controller Shield

  • 3824fe Removed fixed (and ancient) version of maven-bundle-plugin

Energy Management Plugin

Fabric As A Service (FaaS)


  • 9da81f BUG-5222: do not pull in odl-mdsal-xsql
  • 864b9f BUG-8048: Potential fix for ID Duplication on 1-node
  • 8c0ebc BUG-8048 : Ensure unique ids are allocated
  • 894e9e BUG-8049 runOnlyInLeaderNode() - out of order event processing
  • b7c672 Updated TestIMdsalApiManager.java to support installFlow() with CheckedFuture return value
  • 757219 BUG-7864: Specified Id key does not exist in id pool vpnservices
  • 88bbb1 Improving ITM performance in a scale setup
  • c3141a Handling RACE conditions in bind/unbind service
  • 9a49c9 Harden BFD configuration parameters
  • cc7f5e Bind/Unbind Service should work irrespective of Port Status
  • a5ee0b Enhancing interface-manager logging
  • 33ec80 Adding job retries for DJC bind/unbind service jobs
  • eb8e18 BUG-7531 : Different ids allocated for same key
  • 44a670 Tunnels in DOWN state in scaled scenario
  • 0e0c30 Optimizing southbound Tunnel Events
  • 8c514f getInterfaceInfoFromOperationalDS Optimisation
  • 4664b9 Fix for id duplication for different id keys
  • a0939e To fix grep not working for tep:show & tep:show-state on karaf console
  • b92562 Inconsistent Maven Bundle Plugin version in ITM
  • ab1866 Optimizing tunnel configuration
  • 446aca Enhancing service binding logic to support more services
  • 9a08b3 Ignoring a Junit test case in Idmanager to unblock autorelease
  • 89af25 BUG-7466 - NPE thrown for interface without lport tag
  • 648c66 Fix Idmanager JUnit test case
  • 7b80d1 BUG-7494 : Idmanager returns the same Id from the same pool for different threads with different id keys
  • b42464 Fixes for duplicate tunnels
  • 4c281f BUG-7486: ITM perf and scale fixes
  • c73bbe Allow Nicira Extension Actions in BoundServices
  • ff7b93 BUG-7450 : suppressing unnecessary warning logs
  • ca237e Add new ActionInfo implementations for reg load/move
  • 85112e Moving interface-manager CLI utils to use cached entries
  • ee165f BUG-7419 : Ids from id pool exhausted
  • 77a356 flow entries for multiple subports not getting created
  • c58a30 Add isIpInSubnet utility API to NwUtil
  • 032d4b BUG-7270 Duplicate remote Mcast mac entry in TOR .

Honeycomb Virtual Bridge Domain


Internet of Things Data Management (IoTDM)

L2 Switch

LISP Flow Mapping

  • ad58d1 BUG-6071: Fix fast path Map-Notify auth data
  • 5af5ce Add postman collection in FD.io tutorial
  • ec27bf WIP: Update Tutorial for FD.io and OOR


  • 0c8723 BUG-7759 - TEST - Getter of BA object fails to construct class instance
  • 7b7b26 BindingGenerator v1 "copy-paste" bug in RPCs
  • db2d6f BUG-7759 - TEST - Getter of BA object fails to construct class instance
  • ea12e8 BUG-6856: Rpc definition should implicitly define input/output
  • e54d13 BUG-6856: Rpc definition should implicitly define input/ouput
  • abb67f BUG-6028: check value types for encapsulation
  • 0819d4 Fix generate of comma before augmentations in toString generator
  • 0f6902 BUG-7222: Improve ClusterSingletonService error handling.
  • 9c244e BUG-3147 - Binding spec v1: auto generated code by YANGTOOLS could be more efficient
  • d92aa2 Fix getValue() of bits in union
  • 3c156c BUG-3147 - Binding spec v1: auto generated code by YANGTOOLS could be more efficient
  • 96d661 Don't use deprecated SourceIdentifier.create() method anymore
  • 7b1ef1 BUG-7425: Recognize instance-identifier in union template
  • edcae2 Fix backport damage
  • 9be1c8 New test utility AssertDataObjects
  • f8094a BUG-6236: Introduce "mdsal.skip.verbose" property, for build speed

NAT Application Plugin


NEtwork MOdeling (NEMO)


Network Virtualization

  • 990076 BUG-5222: do not pull in odl-mdsal-xsql
  • d6622e BUG-8046 fix for mac movement issue
  • a71e06 BUG-7984: IDLE_TIMEOUT check required in onFlowRemoved.
  • 978717 BUG-7387 : Netvirt: qos policy applied on the network, not applied on newly created ports of same network
  • f345d0 BUG-7966: Fix route origin for some vrfEntries after VM migration
  • 5729c6 BUG-7842: ACL: Arp flows missing in ACL tables for overlapping MAC address
  • aa12b7 BUG-7826: proper elan djc job retries
  • c804af BUG-7896 OptimisticLockFailedException
  • e72a98 BUG-7863 - Add Layer 4 Match for flow entries for TCP/UDP security group rule with no min/max
  • 1eb928 BUG-7727 : Local and Connected routes do not get imported
  • e54df1 Fix potential NPEs in ELAN tunnel handling
  • 603a74 BUG-7418 Run local group creation as async task with key equal to subsequent tasks.
  • 795d5d BUG-7725: AAP with prefix not supported in ACL
  • 0d0dd6 Fix for GwMac flow deletion during interface delete
  • 8b06f0 BUG-7875: Separated out snmap create and update workflow
  • 416e01 Adding some more debug logs to elan module
  • dbaaa3 BUG-7817 & BUG-7838: DHCP ARP flow is not added and irrelevant ARP flows are installed in compute node.
  • 47b3a7 BUG-7888: handle update of floating ip port
  • d46817 BUG-7878: provider interface MACs are installed on remote DPNs
  • 1ed61e Rectified incorrect help usage displayed for BGP add-neighbor cli command
  • b28049 BUG-7787 - missing flows in T21
  • d26650 BUG-7931: SubnetRoue re-election to be triggered on disconnected nodes
  • 987db2 BUG-7876 : After router association to L3vpn, one of the VM ip is not removed from router interface to BGPVPN
  • a626bd BUG-7885 - CSIT Sporadic failures - tempest.scenario.test_port_security_macspoofing_port
  • 24ef0a BUG-7839: ACL: ACL flows are not deleted from source host during VM migration
  • 085965 Use the right service name when binding service
  • 8eadc9 corrected the population of BGP Total Prefixes counter
  • 6cacda BUG-7856: Reverse SNAT flows order to minimize race possibility
  • cec17e BUG-7714: VPN Operational Interfaces not getting removed at all.
  • 11509a BUG-7831 : BgpRouter receives unnecessary events
  • 19da79 BUG-7881 - Traffic drops when not matching UL SC starting in a VPNPseudoPort
  • c82cf8 BUG-7861: No ping response from FIP on 1st router when adding 2nd FIP
  • 021f7c BUG-7824 ModifiedNodeDoesNotExistException
  • 9352c7 Cleanup errors for networks of unsupported type
  • 56d147 BUG-7775: Using DJC for NAT Interface-state Listeners
  • 87a7d7 BUG-7824 - ModifiedNodeDoesNotExistException
  • bd0183 releasing dcn thread once tunnel interface state dcn delivered
  • 25cdfd BUG-7780 : NAT RPC's for getting SNAT/DNAT translation information.
  • 520a8c BUG-7815: Using DJC for VpnManager Interface-state Listeners
  • c60308 BUG-7843 - Missing buckets in ELAN BC group installation during OVS restart
  • 36406c BUG-7786 Delete and re add of access port handling
  • 8d36d5 BUG-7772 - Service Chaining is not being applied to VMs in the L3VPN
  • 1079dc Adding debug statements to track caching of Operational Vpn Instances
  • 5f4c62 Fix priority in IntervpnLink flows installed in LFIB
  • 5e3b48 adding lport tag for temporary mac learning
  • e9b04d Fix several NPEs showing up in CSIT
  • ff40ea Fix BFD regression
  • c8cab0 BUG7748: Subnet-op-data empty after cluster reboot
  • cd4b0f BUG-7790 - Attempting to install RNH on local DPN for FIB with custom instructions
  • cd0b95 Use Objects equals instead of == where necessary
  • 479c6a Update netvirt guide - correct DB DROP procedure
  • 826aa4 BUG-7599 added l2gw validate cli
  • 3dfb74 BUG-6589 l2gw cluster reboot fixes
  • 7e6eb4 BUG-7606: Fix for missed tunnel flows, after VM live migration
  • 9098a7 BUG-7773: Objects should be compared with "equals()".
  • 209df4 Improve log messages.
  • afdb29 BUG-7392: L2 Forwarding Table=110 Flows Missing
  • a3a91c BUG-7729: Remove redundant tunnel drop flow in table 110
  • 079b07 BUG7748: Subnet-op-data empty after cluster reboot
  • f7137f BUG-7680: Fix Nexthop when advertising to DCGW
  • 59eb41 BUG-7680: leaked routes not advertised to DC-GW
  • f89bce BUG-7372 - Supress error of NAPT switch selection failure before router-dpn association
  • 9002f3 Setup SMAC on routed packets destined to virtual endpoints
  • adb379 BUG-7445: Improve the performance on bulk create.
  • 62b919 BUG-7733: NeutronVPN: Error out if VxLAN/VLAN network configured without seg-id
  • cf78ad BUG-7714 - Vpn Interface not deleted from oper DS
  • e5d465 BUG-7720: create/delete VPN CLI handling addition/removal of subnets
  • 51f044 BUG-7601: Cleanup Elan instances when a network is deleted
  • d42502 BUG-7717 Fix OOM when defining large number of networks
  • e2f333 BUG-7488 Add option to disable auto bridge creation
  • 3e8f3e BUG-7591: Allow configuration of inactivity_probe and max_backoff for OVS
  • 18628c BUG-7667: SNAT table 46&44 are not getting programmed when private BGPVPN
  • b83b1c BUG-7489: Add startup config file for elanmanager-config
  • 95cd2c BUG-7700: create-l3vpn (REST/CLI) should not allow another VPN to use the same VPNID
  • ac59b7 Fix ElanStatusMonitorJMX failing upon bundle reinitialization.
  • b89e52 SNAT tests failures
  • 36a01f BUG7308: fix leaf to leaf traffic
  • d7d621 BUG-7461
  • d25478 BUG-7669: Add multi-provider network support to NetVirt for L2 Gateway.
  • bfdc0f Lower debug level when truncating provider port name
  • cb9359 [BUG-7543] Replace the request function used by restangular
  • 0f1728 BUG-7660 Infinite loop while vpn instance removal
  • 0b8e3f BUG-7384: CSIT Exception: NPE in deleteVpnInterface
  • 8aa1ee BUG-7532 - arp responder rule sometimes missing after vm reboot
  • 908b42 BUG-7601 - Cleanup Elan instances when a network is deleted
  • 1599b4 BUG-7436: Handle VpnInterfaces of VpnInstance
  • fcef7b BUG-7536: Static routes not handled when ivpnlink becomes active
  • b3afca BUG-7530 : ElanPacketInHandler mutexes are too coarse
  • e04ffc BUG-7533 : Fix for bind/unbind in DHCP service
  • d68ba3 BUG-7567: External subnet group is not updated with external gwmac
  • eb9509 BUG-7528 : Don't learn the DMAC flows from other DPNs
  • eeb431 BUG-7525 - Inter-VPN link static/connected routes leaking not working
  • eb0618 BUG-7547 : Ping from DC-GW to invisible ip configured in VM is failing
  • d96917 BUG-7497 - NAPT rules missed for second DPN
  • 669678 Fix links to openstack images
  • 1a03d6 BUG-7478 : SNAT traffic to use router GW MAC
  • 4d6439 Spec to setup SMAC on routed packets destined to virtual endpoints
  • 5e20e6 Minor updates to openstack doc
  • 6dcb23 BUG-7405: IVpnLink routes not removed from BGP on cascade
  • f9473e BUG7318: ETREE ODL learning leaf MACS on wrong tag
  • edd071 BUG-7520: Avoid creating auto-tunnels for VLAN tenant networks
  • c83656 BUG-7488: Autobridge overwrites DpnId if bridge already exists
  • 55d659 BUG-7363: Fix for Flows are overlapped when we add custom SG along with ANY rule.
  • beac12 Use Developer Guide text in place of Documentation
  • 5badc1 Updates to NetVirt docs from some user feedback
  • 2d3c0b Add basic initial docs for new layout
  • 8d3814 Update specs template
  • d19a3b Initial layout for NetVirt docs migration
  • 368a0b Added Creative Commons attribution
  • 18f52b Update specs-template
  • 384e74 Add link to specs
  • 927522 Add template for design spec documents
  • c71d28 BUG7339:EtreeLeafBG isn't updated with new remotes
  • f8be23 BUG-7476: Configure Reachable Time in IPv6 Router Advt
  • ab565a Remove unnecessary page headings
  • 968884 Remove unneeded code from VpnUtil
  • a2ef06 BUG-7403 : getl3vpn RPC behavioural issues
  • 962e39 BUG-7355: Remove Vrf Entries in a single transaction
  • 186314 BUG-7406: The flows are overridden.
  • 35fdd5 BUG-7393: Flows are not getting removed from table:20 and table:90
  • 8aaf43 Add Docs for netvirt
  • de2eea BUG-7496: Errors and exceptions handling
  • d9ff04 Scalability of ServiceChainTag
  • 1d7fb1 BUG-7447: Unexpected flows from T21 to T44 for FIP
  • 4d1355 BUG-7358 - Inter-VPN traffic is drop when out_port == in_port
  • a9471b BUG-7382: NPE while getting the napt primary-switch-id
  • 2f759b BUG-7229: Allow certain ICMPv6 NDP packets by default
  • 5ea13d BUG-7423: Clean unnecessary leaked flows and fibEntries
  • 0ed778 BUG-7448 - External network recreation fails in newton nodl v2
  • a5861d BUG-7340: overwritten rule in T28 for multi-tenant
  • 46ae4a BUG-7422 Resolve checkstyle errors
  • 43a2ac BUG-7426 Adding elantag along with mac-address as key to synchronized block
  • 35904c BUG-7444 : External routes are not getting populated
  • 83c0d3 BUG-7463: nexthop in leaked routes is wrongly set
  • 727b6f BUG-6866 - missed NAPT rules for second router
  • 4cd390 BUG-7142 - all VpnPortIpToPort entries are lost from ODL cache after reboot.
  • a1655c BUG-7321: ELAN Pseudo-port flows not installed on new DPNs
  • d453e7 BUG-7439: Discard internal VPNs for InterVpnLink purposes
  • 18a85c BUG-7409 - Traffic Drop from NFip VM to FIP VM
  • 623731 subnet-op-data and port-op-data is empty after cluster reboot
  • 8bbec1 BUG-7377, BUG-7383: handling unnecessary error log
  • d02fbe BUG-7260: no rules in table 26 for default route
  • bdeb09 BUG-7359: duplicate local broadcast group backets

Neutron Northbound

ODL Root Parent

  • c52629 Bump bouncycastle dependencies from 1.54 to 1.56
  • 70436d Bump netty to 4.0.44
  • 93acc9 git-commit-id-plugin skipped on mvn -Pq, because it slows down a little
  • 6cc350 [eclipse] git-commit-id-plugin ignored in M2E by lifecycle-mapping
  • 95d620 git-commit-id-plugin cannot fail build for new projects w.o. .git/
  • 44163f git-commit-id-plugin to put a META-INF/git.properties in all built JAR
  • 6fffad Skip Jacoco in SingleFeatureTest
  • 7b8f97 Bump netty to 4.0.43
  • c6391b BUG-6236: Add mdsal.skip.verbose to -Pq Quick profile

ORI C&M Protocol (OCP)

OVSDB Integration

OpenFlow Configuration Protocol (OF-CONFIG)

OpenFlow Plugin

  • 501d4d Fix statistics race condition on big flows
  • 86fd39 BUG-7915 - Zero flows populated in all switches when connected to Leader Node
  • 49b07d Add arbitrary mask for nxm-reg
  • 308285 Fix connection closing on switch IDLE state
  • 9b95b1 BUG-7910 - Flow with ethernet mask (ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff), get stored under alien-id in operational data store
  • 11f1b6 Fix comparison between port numbers in match
  • e0030a BUG-7763 - Openflow plugin deletes switch from topology while changing mastership from one controller to another
  • 5ea445 BUG-7736 - Forwarding Rules application cluster singleton id should not use the same cluster singleton id as the openflow switch singleton connection handler
  • d813c7 BUG-7764 - Do no throw warning on explicit task cancellation
  • ed16f7 BUG-7501 - Ensure delete old statistics and create new ones are executed sequentially to ensure stats are updated properly.
  • 4683e5 BUG-7500 - TransactionChainManager: fix synchronization issues and error handling when mdsal throws an error.
  • 8cdd80 Fix PacketInV10TranslatorTest
  • adbc13 BUG-7608: use blueprint action-provider/action-service
  • 32a99f BUG-7499 - ensure statistics scheduler does not die and keep trying while the controller keeps the ownership of the device
  • 371c65 BUG-7453 - FlowRemoved doesn't have Removed Reason Information
  • 5ea638 BUG-6110: Fixed bugs in statistics manager due to race condition.
  • de64a9 Fix Direct statistics RPC - actions part
  • 747013 RPC opendaylight-direct-statistics:get-flow-statistics not taking nicira extension match
  • dd7f35 BUG-5222: do not pull in odl-mdsal-xsql
  • 7d65e9 Bug7485 Make statistics poller parameters configurable.
  • ffc6b3 BUG-7071: adding support for fin-timeout
  • 8917aa BUG-7481 - Flows with nicira actions get corrupted after cluster failure
  • 32b316 BUG-6997 supporting OXM_OF_MPLS_LABEL in nicira extensiona
  • e059b1 BUG-7415 Reducing the severity of the log message
  • 66c19f BUG-7349 - Flow ID not updated in operational after removing and adding a flow with same match
  • f9f165 Add LOG.isDebugEnabled to add performance.
  • 3456c4 Improve class with lambdas. Change wrong parameters and variables.
  • d1ace0 Split long lines (>120)
  • 41b15d Remove unused imports, repair checkstyle first sentence.
  • 84a143 BUG-7335 - Flow update rejected by switch generates faulty flow entry in operational DS

SDN Interface Application (SDNi)

  • 267746 Do not pull in odl-mdsal-all
  • b53576 BUG-5222: do not pull in odl-mdsal-xsql
  • 800459 Removed fixed (and ancient) version of maven-bundle-plugin


  • dbb4de Fix TopologyServices related internal interface binding failure, and TopologyServiceUtil is removed since no effect

Secure tag eXchange Protocol (SXP)

Service Function Chaining

  • b6646c Support VxLAN-gpe in sfc103 demo setup
  • a83a70 BUG-7548 : Delete SFF vxgpe port on SFF delete

Unified Secure Channel (USC)

User Network Interface Manager (UNIMGR)

Virtual Tenant Network (VTN)

YANG Tools