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Simultaneous Release:Helium-SR1 Combined Release Notes

Projects with no noteworthy changes

The following projects had no changes in the Helium-SR1 release:

  • L2 Switch
  • ODL-SDNi Application
  • OpenFlow Protocol Library
  • PacketCable PCMM
  • Secure Network Bootstrapping Infrastructure
  • Service Function Chaining
  • Southbound plugin to the OpenContrail Platform
  • TCP-MD5
  • Table Type Patterns



  • BUG-1921: features-bgpcep has incorrect guava version
  • BUG-1924: features.xml lists multiple commons-codec versions
  • BUG-1931: Overridden version of junit
  • BUG-2082: feature.xml is missing dependencies on tcp-md5
  • BUG-2109: Ghost BGP session could not be cleaned
  • BUG-2115: close() method of BGPSessionImpl should set the error subcode
  • BUG-2167: pcc-mock is not bindable to different source addresses
  • BUG-2171: pcc-mock: enable logging level configuration
  • BUG-2201: routes announced after initial synchronization not present in loc-rib
  • BUG-2204: pcc-mock does not support mocking pcc with zero initial lsps


  • BUG-1577: Gates access to Shard actor until its initialized
  • BUG-1607: Clustering : Remove actorFor (deprecated) call from TransactionProxy.java
  • BUG-1631: Refactored RaftActorBehavior#handleMessage (and related methods) to return RaftActorBehavior instead of RaftActorState.
  • BUG-1833: Remove all unused code from sal-clustering-commons
  • BUG-1839: HTTP delete of non existing data
  • BUG-1965: Fixed DataChangedReply sent to deadletters
  • BUG-1966: change message logging level (info -> trace)
  • BUG-2002: Classpath error when loading neutron northbound api
  • BUG-2002: Classpath error when loading neutron northbound api
  • BUG-2003: CDS serialization improvements
  • BUG-2017: Fix possible concurrent modification ex in config subsystem
  • BUG-2038: Ensure only one concurrent 3-phase commit in Shard
  • BUG-2047: HTTP GET - no returning error message
  • BUG-2055: Handle Tx create in TransactionProxy resiliently
  • BUG-2055: Handle shard not initialized resiliently
  • BUG-2086: Adding normalized node stream reader and writer
  • BUG-2098: sal-compatibility not get up-to-date flow information
  • BUG-2114: Adds handling of "leaf" node at the module level.
  • BUG-2131: NPE when starting controller
  • BUG-2134: Fix intermittent RaftActorTest failure
  • BUG-2134: Make persistence configurable at the datastore level
  • BUG-2135: Create ShardInformation on startup
  • BUG-2136: Clustering : When a transaction is local then do not serialize the Reading/Writing of data
  • BUG-2160: Added concurrent 3-phase commit coordinator
  • BUG-2174: XSQL log file is hardcode to /tmp/xql.log
  • BUG-2184: Fix config.yang module(add type as a key for modules list)
  • BUG-2184: Fix subtree filtering for identity-ref leaves
  • BUG-2207: Make reconnect promise reconnect even if session was dropped during negotiation
  • BUG-2210: Fixed initial DCL notification on registration
  • BUG-2217: Add missing namespace to serialized inner runtime beans
  • BUG-2221: Add metering to ShardTransaction actor
  • BUG-2252: Terminate ShardWriteTransaction actor on ready
  • BUG-2265: Modified NormalizedNodeOutputStreamWriter to implement yangtools interface
  • BUG-2290: Add IPv6 support Neutron APIs
  • BUG-2294: Handle Shard backwards compatibility
  • BUG-2296: TransactionProxy should support the ability to accept a local TPC actor path
  • BUG-2318: Ensure previous Tx in chain is readied before creating the next
  • BUG-2325: Value type of byte[] not recognized by the NormalizedNodeSerializer
  • Fix intermittent failure in DataChangeListenerTest

Reverted for Helium-SR1, but will be in Helium SR2


  • Fixing RPM/DEB pkgs versions


  • Flow links broken; fixed duplicate ENV call to get the correct restconf url

Group Based Policy

  • BUG-2112: Workaround for missing flows in POC demo.


  • BUG-2274: User odl-restconf-noauth feature by default" into stable/helium
  • Added a docker distribution

Lisp Flow Mapping

  • Fix SMR not being built on IPv6 enabled hosts

OpenFlow Plugin

  • BUG-1491: OF plugin does not handle SET_TP_SRC/SET_TP_DST actions
  • BUG-1680: pushing of default table-miss-entry feature should be pulled out into separate module
  • BUG-2098: Multipart Request flow was not set to the flow case
  • BUG-2126: MatchConvertorImpl.OfMatchToSALMatchConvertor() converts OF13 match into incorrect MD-SAL match
  • BUG-2127: IllegalArgumentException in MatchConvertorImpl.fromOFMatchV10ToSALMatch().
  • BUG-2128: Large PACKET_IN message from OF10 switch may be truncated

Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) Integration

  • BUG-2076: Routing does not work unless node contains vms on all vlans (segIds)
  • BUG-2192: Fix access to custom.properties, so non-default values can be provided
  • BUG-2214: Unable to set the external_ids field of the Qos object
  • Fix issue found by sonar: Method call on object which may be null
  • Ignore testGetOpenflowVersion: it is no longer applicable

Virtual Tenant Networking

  • BUG-1992: Failed to get up-to-date flow statistics.
  • BUG-2235: PathPolicy(long, List) always throws NullPointerException.
  • BUG-2236: PathMap class handles mapIndex field incorrectly.
  • BUG-2239: Minor bugs in manager.neutron bundle.

YANG Tools

  • BUG-1957: StackOverFlowError in YangParserImpl
  • BUG-1975: yang unkeyed list is transformed to map node
  • BUG-2117: Inner grouping used in outer grouping's choice case
  • BUG-2147: JSON does not properly encode multiline string
  • BUG-2155: depth parameter in NormalizedNodeWriter
  • BUG-2156: Unsupported augment target
  • BUG-2172: AbstractGeneratedTypeBuilder check for duplicate elements.
  • BUG-2176: add property with name == null fix.
  • BUG-2180: schema aware builders for ordered list and leaf-list are absent
  • BUG-2183: ClassCastException in AbstractTypeMemberBuilder fix
  • BUG-2191: Invalid use of addType in ChoiceCaseBuilder
  • BUG-2202: DerivableSchemaNode API incorrect Javadoc
  • BUG-2271: Fixed potentional NPE in generateTypesFromChoiceCases
  • BUG-2279: top level element should be entry and not list
  • BUG-2291: When revision statement enclose a custom statement, Yang Parser fails to parse correctly
  • Parent schema node input parameter in JsonParserStream
  • Remove module name prefix from top level element

Reverted for Helium-SR1, but will be in Helium SR2