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Simultaneous Release:Helium-SR3 Combined Release Notes

This page details changes and bug fixes between the second Helium Stability Release (Helium-SR2) and the third Helium Stability Release (Helium-SR3) of OpenDaylight. First, we list projects with no noteworthy changes followed by a list of the bugs fixed and/or changes for each project.

Projects with no noteworthy changes:

The following projects had no noteworthy changes in the Helium-SR3 release:

  • AAA
  • Defense4All
  • Documentation
  • LISP Flow Mapping
  • OpenFlow Protocol Library
  • PacketCable/PCMM
  • SDN Interface Application
  • Service Function Chaining
  • SNBI
  • Table Type Patterns
  • Group Based Policy
  • TCP-MD5


  • 52f08e BUG-2712: do not hold lock while updating future
  • 7af0f1 Added synchronized to close().
  • f92a57 Fix unsynchronized access to TransactionChain
  • 6b884d PCEP add-lsp RPC: propagate TLVs from input to initiate message.
  • f526f0 BUG-2631: Fixed BGP connection collision detection


  • 67eed6 BUG-2723: Topology spoofing via LLDP - hash check in topology-discovery
  • 26dfd6 BUG-2820: LLDP refactor
  • 91a473 BUG-2820: LLDP TLV support and testing
  • 87a930 BUG-2834: Fix Restconf POST to wait for completion
  • 24342e Switched from the WIP custom authn realm to using tomcat-users.xml, also enabled HttpOnly cookies
  • 254ab1 BUG-2820: problem to add second TLV with type 127.
  • 74a258 BUG-2699: websocket does not implement the ws:// protocol defined in the URI scheme in rfc6455
  • 6e4385 Neutron to return ServiceUnavailable if no providers registered
  • d32781 BUG-2642: Websocket notifications: No notification received when data are removed
  • 2d33f2 BUG-2524: Change event notification subscription: Unable to listen on topology


  • 4dcab7 BUG-2535: topology canvas height too small
  • e2f62d [Backport] Use frontend-maven-plugin to build dlux-web


  • 8c9599 Add very basic Vagrantfile for RPM-building env
  • 6d0828 Small batch of ODL RPM updates, version to 0.2.2-4
  • 6fedb6 Sample integration test
  • 84d0cb Fixing lispflowmapping system test
  • 049eea Add basic test suite for lispflowmapping
  • 14a792 Adding Switch Qualification test
  • bf4b84 Removing Groups and Meters from test plan as CPqD seems not working in RelEng
  • da1810 adding a mask for destination and source ip addresses
  • e69cbc cleaning the robot repo + creating testplans
  • 12fb76 Set JAVA_HOME before launching karaf inside containers
  • 585904 removing failing tests
  • 6a3f3e BUG-2676: Add some tuning parameters to improve the performance of CDS
  • dbcb86 adding ability for test VMs to have a different command prompt
  • b4bf3b BUG-2711: Match RPC actor system's Netty TCP settings with existing cluster DATA actor system setting to avoid oversized Gossip RPC messages.
  • 4592dc BUG-2035: Increasing default Akka config for auto-down of unreachable nodes from 10sec to 5min to avoid locking out nodes during transient network blips, etc.
  • b2c48c Adding test plan for l2switch
  • e0dc42 Replace compatible-with-x by all feature
  • 0560a9 Make get followers more reliable
  • 24c667 Update ODL RPM to Helium SR2
  • 74e62d Changed Dockerfile to use Helium SR2
  • 1e1249 Move to new Karaf-based RPM

L2 Switch

OpenFlow Plugin

  • e20d25 BUG-2723: Topology spoofing via LLDP - LLDPSpeaker
  • 6e80e3 BUG-2394: ConnectionConductorImpl and HandshakeManagerImpl leak threads on exception paths

Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB) Integration

Virtual Tenant Networking (VTN)

  • 20c4e3 BUG-2793: Fixed default values for hardTimeout and idleTimeout attributes
  • 50f120 BUG-2758: Fixed bug in VbrIf for Update adminstatus check
  • 5e5721 BUG-2688: Fixed bug in flow timeout setting specified by path map.

YANG Tools

  • 2bf2ef Fix ImmutableOrderedLeafSetNode.size()