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Simultaneous Release:Helium-SR4 Combined Release Notes

This page details changes and bug fixes between the second Helium Stability Release (Helium-SR2) and the third Helium Stability Release (Helium-SR3) of OpenDaylight. First, we list projects with no noteworthy changes followed by a list of the bugs fixed and/or changes for each project.

Projects with no noteworthy changes:

The following projects had no noteworthy changes in the Helium-SR4 release:

  • Defense4All
  • PacketCable/PCMM
  • SDN Interface Application
  • SNBI
  • Service Function Chaining
  • TCP-MD5
  • Table Type Patterns


  • aade4d BUG-4038: Grant Creation is Broken
  • 76daf3 BUG-4054: Federation RuleProcessor utilizes System.out which interferes with karaf
  • bd56e3 BUG-3323: Changing sql queries to prepared statements in idmlite
  • 17f513 Upgrade sqlite version for the aaa data store
  • 97250f Revert disabling yangtools features-test



  • de4ec4 BUG-2616: NPE in ControllerContext.toQName method
  • eb8bd7 BUG-3966: Fixed issue FLOW_REMOVED is not sent.
  • 721fb3 CDS: Changes to Tx abort in Shard
  • 829d7f CDS: Real snapshot log trimming changes
  • 706491 Fix deadlock in AsyncSshHandlerWriter
  • 0eddaf CDS: Add stress test RPC to the cars model
  • eaa7c0 CDS: Retry front-end transactions on AskTimeoutException
  • e0e9d2 CDS: Include CAN_COMMIT phase in rate limiter time period
  • 5949ae BUG-2787 and BUG-2849: Backport from Lithium
  • 3ab46a BUG-3570: Backport from Lithium
  • b6d45c BUG-2948: Backport from Lithium
  • 1d8f2a CDS: Backport in-memory journal log trimming from Li
  • 438575 CDS: Backport transaction rate limiting
  • 803cb5 Upgrade to akka 2.3.10
  • 03b65b BUG-3014: On a router_interface_add code assumed the port has null device_owner
  • 349b3c BUG-3551: Introduce custom java.security config file
  • b88e70 Streamline updating out-of-sync follower
  • c22129 Minor changes in LibLLDP.
  • 6a9b3d Backport AppendEntries optimizations from Lithium
  • eca3e8 Reduce and improve CDS debug logging
  • 506aea Use slf4j Logger instead of akka LoggingAdapter
  • 9ca841 Make Election Timeout Factor configurable
  • feb594 BUG-2150: Feature wrappers now log parse errors better.
  • b02230 BUG-2970: Fix GlobalBundleScanningSchemaServiceImpl to get RESOLVED bundles correctly
  • 4664a2 BUG-3331: RPC input with non-existent namespace causes NullPointerException
  • ec1a72 BUG-3154: Clustering: Journal recovery error on restart
  • 8aeac3 Fix NPE in RaftActor#onRecoveredApplyLogEntries
  • 68c9ef BUG-3076: Redeploy binding mount points
  • 6b96a0 BUG-3072: Make NeutronRoutersNorthbound.addRouterInterface() idem-potent
  • 71079d BUG-2914: TCP Options incorrect
  • 3151f7 BUG-2942: odl-mdsal-apidocs feature is not protected through AAA
  • f57094 Re-enable tests and bump aaa version


  • 775a07 Update frontend-maven-plugin and karma version
  • dd4b20 AuthN for apidocs and modules REST embedded in DLUX
  • 1a4391 Re-enable DLUX distribution.


  • 0f04c2 Fixing links to some gerrit patches
  • ec27d2 Fixing Helium-SR3 release notes so that all bugs don't point to BUG-1957:
  • 30aac9 Adding Release Notes for Helium-SR3
  • 0f13c9 Adding Release Notes for Helium-SR2

Group Based Policy


  • 3e6692 Move packetcable feature to incompatible list
  • ff1c14 Fix openflow service failing test case
  • 5e4454 Placing cluster deployer same location as in master
  • c89106 Adjusting netopeer test to work with any IP and user
  • fe58ae Hardening openflow inventory check in stable, same as with master
  • f20eb1 Restoring CPqD test cases in stable/helium
  • 277c1e Remove plugin2oc from Helium
  • 4eeaf7 Remove plugin2oc from Helium
  • 4066e7 Fixing netconf test in stable helium
  • a54a40 Adding netconf test plan

L2 Switch

  • 0af443 Fixing hosttracker's required capability on address tracker
  • ed206e BUG-4050: Adding required capability for address-tracker model in host tracker
  • 418051 BUG-4050: Add required capabiliy for stp-status-aware-node-connector model
  • 22a12c Add hybrid option for sending ARP to Controller & OF Normal
  • b645d0 BUG-2629: Clear added non-directional links when clearing network graph.

LISP Flow Mapping

  • 73d83f BUG-3877: Fix sending SMR to IPv6 subscribers
  • d551eb BUG-3657: Fix IPv6 transport in southbound plugin
  • f13313 BUG-2871: Add support for IID mask-len
  • 58362d Avoid Map-Register inconsistencies due to SMR handling exceptions
  • c73bd5 BUG-2871: Added xtrsiteid flag to map-register header built by MapRegisterSerializer

OpenFlow Protocol Library

OpenFlow Plugin

  • c4562d BUG-3548: LLDP speaker does not start/stop sending LLDP packets on port up/down events
  • 4c305a BUG-3792: Change default flow timeout values to 0
  • d04fad BUG-3041: Meter and Meter Config messages not sent when controller starts after the switch
  • f509d3 BUG-3053: /128 should still be a /128, not an IP
  • 9262b7 Port description is not getting udpated when port removed from openflow switch
  • eff65e BUG-2902: NPE when apply_action doesn't contain action list
  • fe6210 Re-enable DLUX feature.

OVSDB Integration

  • eb4584 BUG-3538:
  • dffb45 BUG-2991: Handle cases when neutron network has no segmentationId
  • ca1819 L3 Bugfix: routing table needs to add rules when destination net is not local
  • e28265 BUG-3136: Delete output port from instruction should use order instead of index
  • 48434a AbstractServices need unique flowIds in order to avoid rules coalescing
  • 9376b6 BUG-3005: RoutingService needs special care to keep from rule coalescing

Virtual Tenant Networking (VTN)

YANG Tools