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Welcome to the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Wiki. This page hosts all information associated with the OpenDaylight TSC including meeting schedules, Agendas, and Minutes. To see a list of who is on the TSC along with their Biographies, please go to the TSC page at OpenDaylight.org. To contact the TSC, send an email to the TSC mail list.

TSC Meeting

See the TSC Meeting wiki.

TSC Membership

The TSC is comprised of technical leaders within the OpenDaylight development community and are elected annually. Please refer to the TSC Election Process page for further details.

The TSC is led by the TSC Chairperson. The TSC Chair is elected annually: TSC Chair Election Process

The current members of the TSC can be viewed here.

TSC Representatives

LFN TAC Representative

This is OpenDaylight's representative to the LFN TAC

LFN SPC Representative

This is OpenDaylight's representative on the LFN Strategic Planning Committee.

See the 2019 SPC Election for OpenDaylight's representative to the LFN SPC

TSC Procedures and Processes

See the TSC Procedures and Processes wiki.

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