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Wiki gardening

Wiki gardening

Wikis are subject to entropy. Not everyone knows the naming conventions, people don't create links to new pages in the right place, the organization that made sense with 20 pages no longer makes sense with 200, articles get old and out of date...

The Wiki Gardeners is a group created to address these issues. Our job is to fight the entropy, to keep order in a wild, wild world. Weeding, pruning, replanting, caring for the wiki. A lot like gardening.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the wiki is a nice place for OpenDaylight users and developers to find and share information.

For general guidelines on editing wiki pages, please read wiki guidelines.

In addition:

  • The front page should remain clean. Each section will have 4 to 5 front-page links, with a category link (hidden behind "More topics") to all of the other pages in the category.
  • Pages should be split or consolidated to ensure that they are neither too long or too short.
  • The wiki will refer to external content rather than duplicate it - we do not wish to be a source of truth, but we do wish to link to all relevant content.

Search Engine Indexing of the wiki

Per this e-mail thread, we have almost all pages on the wiki mark their outgoing links as nofollow to stop search engines from indexing them. The exceptions are the Main Page and Project list. The result is that all pages linked to from those two should be indexed. If something is wrong with this or you want to add more pages, you should contact Casey Cain <ccain@linuxfoundation.org>.

Current wiki gardening tasks

Guidelines for categories

There are a few categories we can use to indicate that a page is deprecated, or in need of updating. Please add relevant pages to these categories as you find them:

  • Category:RECENTDOC: Content which is current.
  • Category:AD-SAL: Content which is either deprecated, or is not going to be current in future releases as all projects move to MD-SAL.
  • Category:Needs_Updating: Content which is good, but out of date and requires updating for a newer release
  • Category:Deprecated: Content which is being kept around, but which is specifically related to older releases

Gardening Templates

Advanced Wikiing

These are some what raw notes in preparation for the Advanced Wikiing topic Colin Dixon presented at the Technical Work Stream (TWS) call on 9/14/15 and 10/5/15. You can find meetbot (IRC) minutes and WebEx recordings of the presentation there.