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The next TSC meeting is scheduled on October 31st, 2019 at 9:00a Pacific with the following agenda:

Attendees & Representation

TSC Members: 

LF Staff: Casey Cain



TSC Chair/TAC/SPC Elections
TSC & TWS Meeting Timings
Sodium SR 1
  • Sodium SR 1 almost done
Neon SR 3
  • Slated for Dec 4
  • On track
Lighty Proposal
  • Still a draft proposal 
  • Robert Varga says this should be a community participated project and requests people to review the proposal
Mailing Lists
  • Should we merge Project Proposals mailing list into the TSC mailing list as not much traffic on this list?
  • Should we merge some of the other mailing lists?
    • Casey Cain will create a page for all the mailing lists consolidation proposal
  • Robert Varga suggests Casey Cain should have Bitergia analytics added for
    • Casey Cain says that a new single pane of glass analytics is being worked on by the LF - but not on Bitergia.
ONAP Distribution
  • At the DDF meeting with ONAP it was agreed ODL would provide ONAP with the distribution. 
    • Luis Gomez has been working on it - currently this is not a lot of work to create a distribution
    • The current ODL schedule fits ONAP
      • Currently they want Neon SR1 & Sodium SR2 
MRI Bump
  • Getting ready for Magnesium
  • Robert Varga would like to start merging these.

Action Items

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
  •  Casey Cainwill start a doodle poll for the TSC meeting timings
  • Casey Cain to create a page of the existing mailing lists on the wiki so the community can help map them to a top-level interest.