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April, 8, 2020; 9pm PST


  • Release
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  • Aluminium autorelease is in bad shape, failing on infrautils and bgpcep. we think robert fixed the infrautils issue recently, and Jamo Luhrsen trying to work on the random bgpcep failures in the sandbox
  • MRI bumps do not appear to be done yet, but that's not due until 4/13
  • Magnesium code freeze to happen one week before the 5/4 release date, so freeze on 4/27 and email from Daniel to warn projects on 4/20
  • Sodium is a ways out on 5/28
  • we have the new release checklist that we have been working on and waiting for comments from the community


  • no real update. just noting that the brief outage last week with authentication was some routing issue having to do with LDAP


  • Dave started going through the doc project Jira last week and hopefully we can clean them up
  • definitely tons of cleanup we can do


  • Anil Belur tried looking at the problem where we are getting constant gerrits with "update cloud image list", and can't really figure it out yet. something to do with git-review and how it's adding info to the commit message. Looking at this patch which exhibits the problem, you can see that the commit message is actually using the characters '\n' instead of putting a real newline.

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