Date & Time

June, 3rd, 2020; 9pm PST


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  • Sodium
    • SR3 has all final artifacts on nexus
    • there has been some requests that we would do an SR4 now
      • officially, another SR would require a security issue
      • there was some talk with ONAP before SR3 was released that might make us
        put out SR4, but I don't think we've received a request from them on that.
    • Robert Varga did note on this patch that he thinks we may end up with an SR4
    • stable/sodium was  open as early as this morning, but Anil Belurdid close the branch
      for new patches.

  • Aluminium
    • aluminium has had one good autorelease
      • we still need to look at CSIT for aluminium
        • if we think we can handle all the problems in a quick matter then we should be
          fine to get to code freeze by 8/3/2020, otherwise we need to bring up the idea
          of reverting the mri bumps and rolling back projects (NOT IDEAL OR FUN)
  • Magnesium
    • nothing happening. SR2 due on 7/20


  • auth SSO migration happening (maintenance window coming), but hopefully minor and not
    noticed by end users.
  • ubuntu 18.04 images are not showing up in flavors doc pages.
  • sometimes gerrit patches are not showing up in Jira even though the gerrit
  • Daniel De La Rosa was wondering why each project has to add their versions (fixed-in, affected, etc)
    when all projects use the same? But, all PTLs (maybe committers too) should have the permissions to
    add these.
  • Jamo Luhrsen noticed that he could +2 and merge netconf projects, but he is only PTL and not yet
    a committer. Anil will remove those powers.


  • need downloads page updated for sodium SR3


  • Anil Belur wondering about more details on changing netvirt job schedules. The current plan
    may end up increasing the job count, but it's possible if we are moving a lot of jobs to weekly that
    the job frequency will go down.
  • Srinivas Rachakonda still planning to check with his team about the quagga issues discussed
    last week.

Action Items

@dave to update downloads page for sodium SR3

Jamo Luhrsen will bring up SR4 for sodium on the TSC

Jamo Luhrsen to look at Aluminium CSIT asap

Anil Belur to update docs flavor pages with new Ubuntu 18.04

Jamo Luhrsen will open an LF helpdesk ticket for the jira/gerrit link issue

Daniel De La Rosa to email netvirt PTL to let them know they should have permissions to add versions. if not, open help desk ticket

Anil Belur to remove Jamo Luhrsen as committer from netconf

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