Date & Time

July, 29th, 2020; 9pm PST


  • Release
  • Infra
  • Docs
  • Misc



  • Mg-SR2
    • release is delayed by aprox  two week now... original date was  but delayed to  
    • two CSIT issues marked as blocker. one might not be but need community input on that. the other is still being debugged
  • Aluminium .  is Aluminium code freeze (next week)
    • 3 out of last 4 autorelease has passed
  • Sodium SR4 is hopefully on track for the end of August  for SR4 code freeze
    • latest MRI bump is now finished


  • no supercomitter permissions should be there at this time. all MRI bumps for all branches are done
  • Anil Belur wondering why this job is failing.
    • this is an LF job to verify if images exist or not and seems some image is not there
  • the nexus URL in the quagga job does not work. Anil planning to help Srinivas via irc/email


  • The netconf user guide is being broken up in to modules


  • The team is wondering if we can get weekly reports (instead of monthly) for infra job costs or if we can
    drill down in to specific projects to see what jobs may be the heavy hitters.

Action Items

  • Daniel De La Rosa to send an email reminder that Aluminium code freeze is next week.
  • Anil Belur to check that all super committer permissions are revoked
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