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The role of the Technical Advisory Council is to facilitate communication and collaboration among the Technical Projects in the LFN.

TAC Representative Responsibilities

  • Coordinating collaboration across technical projects
  • Making recommendations to the Finance Committee of resource priorities for Technical Projects
  • Electing TAC representative to the governing board
  • Setting processes/procedures for the election of "committer representative" to the LFN Governing Board
  • Other matters related to the technical role of the TAC that may be communicated to the TAC by the LFN Governing Board

Find more information about the TAC here:

Election Dates

Nomination period:  to  and close by b 5pm PT.

The voting period will last 2 weeks from the close of the nomination period.


All OpenDaylight Committers are eligible to run and will be approved by the TSC.  If you are interested in self-nominating, please indicate so below.

@Sample Candidate

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  • Relevant biography
  • Statement of Intent

Robert Varga

  • Photo:

  • Bio:

Robert has been involved in OpenDaylight from its start, having co-authored the MD-SAL architecture and designing major portions of its implementation.

He is the overall top contributor on OpenDaylight and has contributed ~16% of all patches merged, touching majority of projects. He is a committer of a wide range of projects — odlparent, yangtools, mdsal, bgpcep, controller, aaa, netconf, vbd, infrautils and coretutorials.

His contributions tend to center around maven build system, overall architecture and high-level design (BGP, PCEP, OpenFlow Boron design, Virtual Bridge Domain), performance/stability-critical pieces of infrastructure and high availability.

His current focus is platform core use cases and related development.

  • Statement of Intent

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