• Tejas Nevrekar presents a proposal for the microdistribution. Slides are at: ODL Micro-distribution-TWS-16-Dec-19.pdf
  • Tejas Nevrekar says scope is to create subsets of ODL with relevant features to achieve use cases.
  • Robert Varga says can we not do this microdistribution with the Karaf?
  • Tejas Nevrekar thinks there is no value of Karaf if we are doing fixed set of features. We can use existing project Karaf distribution, however there are lighter ways to bring up micro-distributions if features are known before-hand.
  • Balaji Varadaraju & Robert Varga question whether we can do away with Karaf because there are advantages of Karaf like the CLI, ability to SSH, etc.?
  • Balaji Varadaraju asks Robert Varga whether there are any negatives of Karaf?
  •  Tejas Nevrekarthinks in certain deployments the Karaf services are not needed.
  • Luis Gomez says he thinks we should have Karaf, but have Karafless as an option.
  • Balaji Varadaraju suggested we consider another Dependency Injection framework like micronaut in addition to Spring, Guice, Dagger
  • Tejas Nevrekar raised the point that we do not need to support multiple DI frameworks. Robert Varga suggested we need to still design in a way that allows us easier migration between DI options to avoid a lock-in. 

Action Items

  • Tejas Nevrekar to look into the relative sizes of the distributions - Karaf and no Karaf with a given smaller set of features
  • Robert Varga to lead next meeting on 06-Jan to be used to review and complete the lighty proposal 
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