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  • The "developer guide" need to be updated because Json samples used for the service create are not integrating the evolutions of models to 10.1 (the documentation sill uses the 5.1 models). A JIRA user story will be created for next sprint.
  • One bug reported by Jonas in last August: Gilles replied today…
  • Last part of the meeting was dedicated to Sprint29 planning:

    • Bala mentioned that we should consider, not for this sprint but the sprint after, refactoring the PCE to better consider equipment capabilities and select the most appropriate operational-modes

    • Olivier will split the story proposed by Javier “T-API Renderer” because it includes also some functionalities to retrieve a topology through a SBI

    • Gilles will add a story dedicated to the move of the models to a dedicated project.

    • Sprint starts on the 19/9 and ends on the 13/10.