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Welcome to NEMO

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The North-Bound Interface (NBI), located between the controller and the applications/services, is essential to enable application innovations and to nourish the SDN ecosystem by abstracting the network capabilities/information and opening the abstract/logic network to applications.

To implement a novel NBI design, we can learn from the successful case of SQL (Structured Query Language), which simplified complicated data operation into a unified and intuitive way in the form of language. Applications do not define the underlying mechanism for data storage and data operation; Applications only describe the expectation on the data storage and operation and then get the results. As a data domain DSL (Domain Specific Language), SQL is simple and intuitive, and can be embedded in applications. So what we need for the network NBI is a set of “network domain SQL”.

NEMO language is a DSL based for the abstraction of network models and conclusion of operation patterns. It provides NBI fashion in the form of language. Instead of tons of abstruse APIs, with limited number of key words and expressions, NEMO language enables network users/applications to describe their demands for network resources, services and logical operations in an intuitive way. And finally the NEMO language description can be explained and executed by a language engine.

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Project Facts

Project Creation Date: May 8th, 2015
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Type: App
Primary Contact: An Ho Username: anipbu
Project Lead:  An Ho Username: anipbu
IRC: #opendaylight
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  1. ONS 2016
  2. ONF MWD 2016
  3. White-paper
  4. HNC Summit 2015
  5. ODL Summit Design Forum 2015
  6. ECOOP Summit NetPL workshop 2015

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