Project Archiving and Termination Reviews

According to the OpenDaylight Project Lifecycle and Releases document, a project can be moved to the Archived state by a Termination Review. The termination review can be instigated either by a vote of the project committers or by the TSC. For the TSC to instigate the termination review, the project must have no remaining committers or have had no commits to their repository for more than 18 months. Note: it is useful for a project to wait until the end of support of the last release it participated in to avoid having to make changes to an archived project, e.g., to fix bugs.

In either event, a Termination Proposal must be posted for two weeks containing the following information:

  1. That the project is being terminated
  2. A description of the impact on other projects, users, and communities as well as how they will be mitigated
  3. Where the project will be archived to

Archival reviews:

Link to old archives

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