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The major changes done in Boron release:

  • Supports IPv4 WTP detection and storing basic attributes of these WTPs in operational DB
  • Supports Capwap protocol parser implementation.
  • Basic DTLS support.

Non-Code Aspects (user docs, examples, tutorials, articles)

Architectural Issues


Security Considerations

Only WTP discovery, security aspects were not considered.

Quality Assurance (test coverage, etc)

System level tests are covered by automated CSIT jobs

End-of-life (API/Features EOLed in Release)

There are no EOL APIs nor features in this release.

Bugzilla (summary of bug situation)

Open Bugs:

  • 3432 - Need some more WTP information to be displayed for GET request.
  • 3461 - Capwap AC should support IPv6 Address for WTP.
  • 3756 - Implementation of capwap doesn't allow user specify AC parameters (e.g. Name, etc).

Standards (summary of standard compliance)

Schedule (initial schedule and changes over the release cycle)

Did not deliver on functional improvements due to resource constraint. Will work on Boron release deliverable's and bug fixes in Carbon.

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