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Unified Secure Channel


  • USC Agent provides proxy and agent functionality on top of all standard protocols supported by the device. It initiates call-home with the controller, maintains live connections with with the controller, acts as a demuxer/muxer for packets with the USC header, and authenticates the controller.
  • USC Plugin is responsible for communication between the controller and the USC agent . It responds to call-home with the controller, maintains live connections with the devices, acts as a muxer/demuxer for packets with the USC header, and provides support for TLS/DTLS.
  • USC Manager handles configurations, high availability, security, monitoring, and clustering support for USC.
  • USC UI is responsible for displaying a graphical user interface representing the state of USC in the OpenDaylight DLUX UI.

Non-Code Aspects (user docs, examples, tutorials, articles)

Architectural Issues

  • No known issues found.

Security Considerations

USC uses TLS and DTLS to secure the channels. Asymmetric authentication handshake when establishing the channels. Mutual authentication achieved with certificates configured in for both the controller and the device.

Quality Assurance (test coverage, etc)

  • JUNIT: Code is covered by unit and integration tests, with sonar reporting 10.9
  • Test Plan: External System Tests are performed manually.
  • CSIT: Automated system testing pending the merge of patch.

End-of-life (API/Features EOLed in Release)

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Bugzilla (summary of bug situation)

Standards (summary of standard compliance)

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Schedule (initial schedule and changes over the release cycle)

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