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Nitrogen Release Notes

This is the wiki page for the Nitrogen release notes from the Eman project. This 3rd release of the Eman project makes no changes to the Carbon release.

Major Features

Yang Models

  • eman: This module defines a hierarchy of energy objects, each with a collection of zero or more power measurement tables. This model is consistent with the Information Model published by the IETF eman framework.

ODL Features

The Eman carbon release includes: REST API - a operational REST API to read energy objects from MD-SAL REST RPCs - to get and set attributes of energy objects and write to MD-SAL

Target Environment

For Execution

  • There are no requirements beyond the usual JRE requirements of OpenDaylight.

For Development

  • There are no requirements beyond the usual JDK and maven requirements of OpenDaylight.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • This release contains limited functionality and does not yet represent a comprehensive implementation of the IETF energy management Information Model

Changes Since Previous Releases

Refactored data model, extended API

Bugs Fixed in this Release


Migration from Previous Releases


Compatibility with Previous Releases


Deprecated, End of Lifed, and/or Retired Features/APIs


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