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The OpenDaylight Energy Management plugin implements an abstract Information Model that describes energy measurement and control features that may be supported by a variety of device types. The eman plugin may support a number of southbound interfaces to accommodate a set of protocols, including but not limited to SNMP, NET-CONF, IPDR. The plugin presents a northbound REST API. This framework enables any number of applications to interoperate with any number of devices in order to measure and optimize energy usage. The Information Model will be inherited from the SCTE 216 standard – Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS), which in turn inherits definitions within the IETF EMAN document set.

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Project Facts

Project Creation Date:  March 10 2016
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Frank Sandoval <francisrsandoval@gmail.com>
Project Lead:  Frank Sandoval <francisrsandoval@gmail.com>
Mailing List:   eman-dev@lists.opendaylight.org
    Archives: mailing list archives
Meetings: See Community Meetings 
Repository: git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/eman
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
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