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NetVirt is a network virtualization solution that includes the following components as well as others: Open vSwitch based virtualization for software switches, Hardware VTEP for hardware switches, Service Function Chaining support within a virtualized environment, support for OVS and DPDK-accelerated OVS data paths, L3VPN (BGPVPN), EVPN, ELAN, distributed L2 and L3, NAT and Floating IPs, IPv6, Security Groups, MAC and IP learning.

Netvirt would provide the following modules --

  • NeutronVPN:

             Creates and maintains the VPN information like VpnInstances, VpnInterfaces, VpnMaps, etc.

  •  ElanManager:

             Creates the L2 forwarding rules based on the ELAN-Instance and ELAN-Interface details.

  • VpnManager:

             Creates and maintains the Vpn Operational Information like VpnFootPrint, VpnInstanceOpData, VpnInterfaceOpData, etc.

  • FibManager:

             Creates the L3 Forwarding Information Base (FIB) rules which is understandable by OFPlugin module and write all the populated data into FRM data store (Config-Inventory-DS)

  • BgpManager:

             It is used for communicating between ODL Application to Quagga(Routing Engine) via Thrift Protocol. Also it provides the support for Quagga Advertised routes from DC-GW to ODL FIB Engine.

  • DHCPService:

              It is used for providing DHCPv4 Server functionality as same as Openstack QDHCP Agent service.

  • ACLService:

              It provides the ACL (Access Control List) in both INGRESS and EGRESS mode to VM booted neutron port.

  • NATService:

           It provides the NATing service to openstack tenant VMs in the flavor of SNAT/Floating-IP(DNAT)  for Internet Connectivity purpose.


Getting Started for Users

Netvirt Overview

Netvirt User Guide

App co-existence with Netvirt

Getting Started for Developers

Committers typically do not review changes with build failures; it is the Gerrit Owner's responsibility to get them to build. If you're facing build issues you don't know how to solve, email the app-dev list asking for help (don't just wait and expect committers to notice your proposed change and help you fix its build).

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Getting Started for Committers

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The one exception to the rule is that we allow self merging critical changes required to unblock broken builds.

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  Openstack with ODL

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Project Facts

Project Creation Date: April 7,2016
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Type: App
Primary Contact: karthikeyan Krishnan <karthikeyangceb007@gmail.com> (#karthikeyan)
Project Lead:  karthikeyan Krishnan <karthikeyangceb007@gmail.com>
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